DD02 // Temple : Album Download Pre-Order

DD02 // Temple : Album Download Pre-Order


Cockerham - Largent duo - Temple (2017)

01. Part One (free to download as part of album preview)

02. Part Two

03. Part Three

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Temple serves as a sonic homage to the act of the ritual, a ceremonial artifice which has been used by generations to commemorate, consecrate, engage and explore for millennia. Over the course of the album, listeners find themselves submerged inside a world of subdued textural palates, jarring percussive interjections and natural phenomenon.

Recorded over the course of three days, the Cockerham-Largent duo brings a unique take to experimental improvisation, crafting a nuanced, poetic soundscape that is as evocative as it is lyrical.

Temple will be available on cassette, CD and digital download September 18th.  Pre-order customers will receive immediate access to the first track from the album. On September 18th, a download link will be sent to the email address provided in the purchasing process.