DD01 // The Space Master : Album Download Pre-order

DD01 // The Space Master : Album Download Pre-order


Space Master - The Space Master (2017)

01.  Launch (free to download as part of album preview)

02. Vortex

03. Landing 

Download "Launch"

The debut album by Space Master, this self-titled sonic collage recounts - without words - the tale of the last 'Space Master'. After a catastrophic de-tethering incident following the destruction of planet Earth, the Space Master finds himself with few options for survival and a singular goal: rest his feet, and rebuild his home. 

The Space Master will be released on cassette, CD and digital download on October 2nd, 2017.  Pre-order customers will receive immediate access to the first track from the album. On September 18th, a download link will be sent to the email address provided in the purchasing process. 

Space Master is: Jake Henbest & Ryan Cockerham 


Recorded at: Double Dream Studios | Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Cockerham